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Idiot Pirate King and World’s Greatest Idiot Swordsman




Okay, so many of you have probably already heard about the upcoming TV special, “One Piece 3D2Y,” which is about Luffy’s training on Rusukaina Island with Rayleigh during the time skip (and of course is not canon). And there’s new information out about it that has me a bit pissed off:

It also features a new villain named Burndy World who is known as “The Destroyer of the World” and has the power of the MoaMoa Fruit (its ability is still unknown). Luffy has to protect Boa Hancock from the new enemy who escaped from the level 6 of Impel Down. (source

Yeah, that’s what has me pissed off. Hancock is one of my favorite characters in the entire series, and part of that is because she’s an absolute badass. She has Armament and Conqueror’s Haki (and quite possibly Observation Haki too), a Devil Fruit that can turn men, women, and inanimate objects like into stone, she can tear Pacifistas in half with a single kick, and drop Vice Admirals to their knees with her eyes closed. She has been Empress of her own island and a member of the Shichibukai since she was 18 years old, and walked out of Marineford without a scratch on her, something only Kizaru, Doflamingo, Mihawk, and she accomplished. Quite frankly, Hancock was miles stronger than Luffy before the time skip, and is likely not inferior to him on the battlefield after it either. She’s one of the two most powerful female pirates on the planet, with a Yonko member her only rival (and possibly Catarina Devon, but that remains to be seen).

So with all that in mind, I’m not exactly thrilled to hear that the new TV special is going to feature the overused as hell trope of the damsel in distress, with Hancock herself as the damsel—a woman stronger than the man supposedly protecting her. Unless this special ends with Hancock saving her own ass and then literally ripping the head off of whoever tried to mess with her, chances are this special is just going to leave me with a sour taste in my mouth.

You know according to another source that Hancock is apparently the only warlord that hasn’t been captured right? Given the ridiculousness of the thought of Mihawk being kidnapped I’ll say that there might be some translation issue at play, but if Toei’s stupid filler villain has the fanfic tier powerlevel required to capture the vast majority of the shichibukai then I see no shame in Luffy helping Hancock.

"Bandy World escaped from the sixth level of Impel Down during the Marineford battle, and he is now shocking the world with his former crew by taking out Marine battleships and prominent pirates one by one. The World Government summons the Seven Warlords to take care of World, but he manages to capture them. Now World has his sights set on Boa Hancock." (x)

Forgetting Buggy and Law, the idea that this guy captures Mihawk, Kuma, and Doflamingo is absolutely ridiculous. Outside of the Yonko themselves, there’s barely any stronger pirates than them in the entire world. But not only is this guy supposed to have captured them, Luffy is the one to take him down? Luffy didn’t have a chance in hell of beating those 3 before the time skip, let alone someone stronger than them.

If this bad guy has the, like you said, fanfic tier powerlevel necessary to take down Mihawk, Kuma, and Doflamingo, then yeah, there wouldn’t be much shame in Hancock needing help to fight him. But that barely makes this special sound any better in my opinion. I hate the idea that such amazing characters like the Shichibukai are going to be sacrificed and played like fools for the sake of building up a non-canon, 1-time only bad guy. It cheapens the worth of real characters for the sake of dramatizing a character who doesn’t matter. I feel like with the success of Strong World and Film Z, both of which featured incredibly built up antagonists (one of Roger’s old rivals, and a former Marine Admiral who trained the original 3 Admirals), this special is attempting to do the same thing and so they created a villain with incredibly unrealistic accomplishments for the sake of making him as scary as possible just so Luffy can look more impressive when he beats him down.

ALL THOSE NICE POSTS ABOUT REBECCA made me want 2 draw her but 2 tire

ALL THOSE NICE POSTS ABOUT REBECCA made me want 2 draw her but 2 tire

dibuja a big sabo jaja con #9!
i dont know anything about one piece so draw your fav one piece girl with #14

Those are late and I got really lazy on the background hehehe. Thank you so much for the requests ;v;!!

Happy Birthday, Nami!

July 3rd

Happy Birthday to the Pirate Queen!

Why do you believe that Nami is a lesbian? :o


Because she gives Vivi looks like this




And because she’s never expressed any romantic or sexual interest in any man in the series—the only character she’s explicitly been attracted to is Kalifa:



That Vivi one may be pretty subjective, but it’s hard to argue with her attraction to Kalifa. At this point in the series, there’s more evidence for Nami being a lesbian than there is for her being hetero. And if she does express attraction to men in the future, that would just make her bi or pansexual.


As one anon pointed out, Nami also had quite the moment with Tashigi not too long ago… And on top of that, iamneeded also reminded me that there have been three times when Nami has given up her precious money for the sake of women she bonded with, Vivi, Lola, and Caime.